Friday, April 17, 2015

i think i'll offend you now

a while back you might have known me, or thought you did, and it kinda makes you wonder (cuz you are like that) do we really prefer to be told what to do how to be what we are why to be... did it ever occur to you, you are not me?... now i'll go on a bit and give you a reason not to be... to reduce the excess baggage and feel better alive in this physical world where the senses are god if you overcome fear (it's really not that hard) just let go of the cards and whatever turns up is your hand to play on your own or you could join a band and dream you understand as you create your own wonderland... so what will it be are you heaven or hell or somewhere in between or too afraid to tell do you avoid yourself and live up on a shelf with your books that take all of your money and health and leave you with a false sense of wealth as if after you die you be rewarded for denying the truth in yourself... oh did i offend, did you want the truth stealth, well there's the door, don't let me stop you, go follow somebody else...

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