Wednesday, August 21, 2013

and the friends

sure, there are some people in this world who have called themselves friends and even lovers and even family, but does anybody really care enough to help when you hit bottom?... who would take care of you if you had an accident and could no longer walk, or see, or feed yourself, even?... do you have a someone in your life who cares that much?... some lucky few might, and some may think so, but most people do not treat caring as a verb... most people just talk a great game when it comes to unconditional love, but show me where it is really happening in actions...

it can happen, i know, i do it... do you?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

besides the love

all the love and emo and wonderful positivity and hopeful optimism and belief in goodness and kindness and the beauty in everyone that fills some f the other blogs is not to be completely discounted, after all, the cynical realist who sees how humanity damns itself to it's delusions of hell through self-destructive and cruel human choices and actions just may be wrong about the inevitable destiny of humanity being species suicide, but this blog is here to allow for the possibility that humanity is too blind, deaf, and dumb to stop killing itself cuz if that is the way it's gonna be, well i, for one, am not going quietly along with the fucking bullshit that calls itself humanity...

love, love, love... let me know when it gets here.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

fuck frack

i mean, fuck the hell out of the pretentious bullshit that produces words like frack and fracking as if it could possibly convey the power and meaning of the word fuck... as if there were fucking alternatives to the convey the emotion you want to convey when you feel like saying fuck or fuck this shit or fuck you... of course you might not mean what you are understood to mean cuz fuck as there are so many meanings for the word fuck... so why the fuck add frack to the language when we already have a perfectly great and amazingly versatile fucking word like fuck in the first place... fucking language nazis...