Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what's the point?

you come here for a moment
pretend it's important
to share something with me
as if it's destiny
or something you really want
and then you're gone
suddenly as you came
carry on, carry on

what's the point?


PeacefulChaos said...

Yeah I know ... you're right and I'm wrong.
Until I add a new post to Betwixt ... the "here" link will bring anyone reading to my thank you for your patience ... almost makes me want to start a new blog to freeze the irony for all time. But I won't ... because I kinda' like Betwixt and where it's going despite any stops and starts there may be in the way.
I really do apologize ... but constipation does that to me ... I plug up and allow life to rule and convince me that I can't find the time for me.
Sad as it may be ... the old cliche ... it's not you, it's me ... is very well true in this case. But you know that ... because that's what your point is all about.
Heck ... maybe there was even a self-test under the layers of over-work, fatigue, constipation and procrastination ... will I go back? can I go back?
I did ... I could ...
I know ... so what?

candoor said...

with a kidney stone to distract me, i offer a hug and a smile and the reminder that this is the anti-blog where i do my best to push everyone off the internet and back into real life...

me included...

somewhere else in my rambles, the point can be found... or can it... it's out there somewhere, recently too :)